Space is a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied.


1   Study

Proxemics is the interrelated observation and theories of man's use of space as a specialized elaboration of culture.[1]

1.1   Sociological

  • Taking up large amounts of space conveys high status. For example, tossing your items on a table.
  • Invalidating someone's personal space is often seen as a sexual advance

1.2   Seating arrangements

  • Corner position
    • Friendly, casual conversation
    • Partial barrier
  • Co-operative position (next to)
    • Taken intuitively when working together
    • Can be used to "side with the opposition", e.g. when interrogating an expert
      • Was apparent when talking Tamar and Sam
  • Competitive position (across)
    • Tend to exist on dates simply because waiters seat people this way
    • Usually taken in business situations when competing
    • People recall less of what was said and are more likely to argue
  • Independent (opposite corners)
    • Lack of interest / indifference
  • People tend to take seats to maximize amount of space in theaters
    • First person sits in middle, second person seats between middle and end, etc.
  • Keeping two people involved at a table
    • Look at both people twice before speaking to the person you wish to address
  • The most powerful person should sit at the of the table facing the door
  • Studies show that the left side of your face is the best side for giving a presentation
    • Thus, teachers tend to ignore the pupils directly on their right
  • When public speaking, stand on the left when making them laugh and on the right when making them cry because ...?
  • After you've eaten the stomach takes blood away from the brain to help digestion, making it harder for people to think clearly
    • Combined with alcohol, this can be a useful tactic on dates
    • Important business should be discussed before eating
  • Getting a decision in your favor is easier when the other person is relax and defensive barriers lowered
    • When sitting at a restaurant, have the other person sitting with his back to a solid wall wall
      • Heart rate and inspiration increase when back is to activity
    • Lights should be dimmed and soft background music should be played to relax the sense