A ligament is a strong band of tissue that connects one or more bones together at a joint.

Your wrist is made up of eight bones that are attached to your hand bones and the bones of your forearm. The wrist joint is covered by a joint capusle and the bones are connected by ligaments.


1   Sprain

A sprain (= torn ligament) is an injury to a ligament where one or more ligaments are stretched or torn.

1.1   Symptoms

Symptoms of a sprain include pain, swelling, and tenderness.

1.2   Treatment

  • Applying ice (20-30 minutes every 3-4 hour for 2-3 days or until pain goes away)
  • Take anti-inflammatory or other pain medicine
  • Wearing a splint or cast
  • Doing exercises
  • Avoiding activity that could make the condition worse

1.3   Recovery time

Recovery time depends on your age, your health, the severity of your injury, and whether you have been injured before.